Help emulating old organ edition

Hi All–
Hope all is well with everyone. Would you kind souls take a look at this old organ edition I’m trying to engrave? Due to the rigors of organ counterpoint, in most editions (at least historic editions) all voices must be accounted for, even when silent. I am still in the initial note-entry phase, however I’m finding it impossible for me to force “whole rests” into silent voices. As you can see, Dorico inserts them into empty measures by default. However, if I try to put them into empty voices (to account for the second, silent voice) I merely get two half-rests in two measures. I’m trying to adhere to the original very closely (end result anyway). I’m the type of person who will spend 5 minutes putting in the notes and 2 hours meticulously tweaking every little thing on the page. For whatever reason, that’s the part that I enjoy. At any rate, I’m just stumped. Thanks in advance!

AH! Insert bar rests! I finally found it!

(I think I couldn’t see the forest due to the trees…) And I had completely forgotten about some of the voice / rest options within “notation options” which could put them in automatically for me. Silly, silly me.