Help explain this?

On my Mackie Forum, there is a fellow Cubase user running a Mackie1640 firewire mixer. He is also using a LIne6 USB device. Apparently both are connected and he can quickly switch to either device - but I am not exactly clear on the entire path. He made a youtube video here:

Would you mind taking a look at it and telling me what you think is going on with his recording process? His thinking is that the Mackie has a problem with latency as you change the sample rate of the driver that Cubase cannot correct. Its weird to watch because I have a Mackie 1640i mixer and I do not have this problem.

I have suggested that he unplug the Line6 device such that Cubase cannot find the Line6 driver and try the test again. I also suggested he tick the metronome track he has pre recorded into musical mode in case he has something odd going on with his project and the time signature. Any ideas would be helpful, he says his English is not that good.

OK, I’ve been reassigned to this forum, a place I don’t visit much. But this is great if somebody here has an opinion about this problem. Thanks for the post transfer and thanks for any responses in advance.

It’s strange indeed, probably not something to do with Cubase as that works fine with the Line6-driver.
I do wonder about his setup though. He must somehow be routing that guitar into both audio interfaces, because he’s not replugging it when changing soundcard.

He could probably manually correct for the latency in Cubase, but whenever he changes buffersize it’ll have to be redone. I have no experience with Mackie drivers, is there no option related to this in there somehow? The fact that it does work correctly for you indicates some setting must be different somewhere I guess.

Thanks, Strophoid.

And today another 1640 (Cubase 6.5 user) signed in on the Mackie forum and he reported the same problem. He suggested using the sample offset feature in Cubase and said it works. The OP said that he was already making use of this feature.

At this point I have gone back 4X now to test my rig with the same results - no latency at any buffer setting. I do not use the sample offset feature, BTW. So now I am thinking the 1640i is a different animal than the 1640. All three of us use the same Mackie driver, 1.9.

I think I’ll go buy a lottery ticket today. :sunglasses: