help, explode 2 voices in same stave


I’m writing a 4 voices composition directly in a Dorico piano staff, the “pitch before duration” feature help me a lot in this task.
As usually, I write the homorhythmic notes in the same voice and then select the lower note and move it on the lower voice in the same staff, but not always the notes are homorhytmic and sometimes I’m constrained to insert separated voice.
My question is:
Can I make a smart selection of only the lower note between the selected in the staff without selecting one by one with the mouse and COMMAND?
Is there a smart function that allows that the lower note from all selected must be moved to the next voice?
have you any suggestion on how to improve this writing method?
I attach a screenshot of what I’m doing, you can notice that in the bass clef I’ve written all in one voice for separate voices in a second step.

Thanks for your help, eventually I propose it as a feature request for the team at Steinberg.

I’m not sure exactly which note you are trying to choose (the down stem voice in the top staff?) but at any rate the Edit > Filter command is probably your best bet.

Yes, you can select the whole phrase then filter notes e.g. Notes in Chords > Second Note. You can then change the voice of those selected notes to a down-stem voice.

For inputting, it depends on what feels best to you - if you’re playing in the chords for each staff using a MIDI keyboard, that’s probably fairly quick already. Otherwise, you can input notes into separate voices from the start, including switching between voices at any time by pressing V.

Thanks, this is what I’m searching for, the selection of the lower notes in chords. Thanks Derrek :wink:

Thanks Lillie :slight_smile: