help files wont open

cubase7 help files wont open. a check of the contents folder reveals an xml filetype witch only opens the sorce code for xml. halion sonic and other pdf files r there . i got a link from support for the the complete version of cubase7…installed it but still having the same problem…opened xml file and got a notice that there was no style code?? in it…what gives and what else aint working

i would like to add that the adobe x reader will not open the files from within cubase7 but if i goto the content folder and use a free file view the pdf files they open without a problem… i even went to drop box and got the zip help files and install them but cubase7 still can not access them …im running win7 pro on a i7quad processor with 12gig ofmem…adobe readerx has been install twic to see if that was the issue but…you guess it…the help files will not open

The help files are pdf documents installed on your system drive where the Cubase program installs. They will be found in a subfolder called ‘documentation’. These files are standard PDFs and should open with Adobe reader. The XML file you should leave alone - this is found in your preferences folder and is used by cubase to populate the help menu.
It seems to me that your installation is either incomplete or corrupt. Look for the PDF files.

Have had this in the past too as have others.
Resetting your windows ‘open with’ settings might help…set it to open PDF with something wrong and then set it back to Adobe. If that’s no good installing a different PDF viewer and setting that as your default
may work.

i have reinstall the help file several times and even d/l a “drop box” installation…this did not work…gonna try to change the open with to the free file viewer program and c what happens…thanks for your suggestions

just got bck in here … the pdf files will not open in c7 under adobe x reader no matter what i do …i did change the open with to a free file viewer and it then opens…the xml file is in the documentation folder with the pdf files when installed n not the preference folder… if this xml file is the standard mark up language type it is missing the proper format ex… heading , body,etc

now iam running win 7 on a 17 quad proceessor with 12 gigs mem…using an old m-audio 15 key bd… ive had breakout boxes in the past n been playing around with cubase since the early days…i have been playing around with midi and watched it’s evolution since it’s inception…now my concern with the help files is in it self not that big a deal but i hate paying good money 4 something then finding the simpleist things not working right… i can help but feel that something else may not b working right when i need it most…thanks for listening to my vent n ur help[ :frowning: