Help Finding Hidden Track

I’m a Cubase newbie and was following a tutorial. I have several tracks in a song and one called “Piano”. At some point I realized I cannot see the Piano track on the left but can still hear it in the playback. I don’t see a fader anymore for it in the MixConsole either. I’m not sure what I did. Does anyone have any ideas? If I had inadvertantly deleted the track I wouldn’t hear it right?

I can mute every track I see on the left but still hear the piano track. I’m hoping I can reveal it again.


Yes, you can selectively Show or Hide Tracks. This gets useful with higher Track counts. You set this in the Left Zones in the Project Window and MixConsole. You can link the Windows so they show the same Tracks or they can be set to allow each Window to show different Tracks.

The MixConsole also lets you set which MixConsole Zone (left, center, right) a channel appears in.


Thank raino! That did the trick.