Help finding the right thread

Hi guys, i have had to format my laptop DAW.
so i had cubase 7 NI essentials, guitar rig 5, Auto tune and a few other things.
is there a step by step here to reinstall my licenses?
I started with my elisencer, but when prompted to get my new reg code off my ilok it went south.
no programs are showing on my ilok at all… can one of you kind persons please point me in the right direction of start? :smiley:

Steinberg uses eLicencer, not iLok. Have you used the reactivation process in the SeL FAQ thread in the LE/AI forum?
Do you have an iLok also? If so, make sure you are getting the serial number of the eLicenser, not the iLok.

Hi Jaslan, thanks for that, sorry if i confused all that, yes i have ilok for my auto tune, but my cubase is on elicencer, No i have not used that Sel FAQ thread , i have never had to reinstall and am lost where to go, i will go search for that thread now and see how i go thank you.

i understand thank you, i can not find a step by step in what to do. i could not find the SeL thread here that you spoke about, … if i can get the elicenser to work i am sure i will be then download my software again …right?

You don’t need to re-install your license at all. The license is installed on the dongle not the computer. Just plug your dongle (along with its driver of course) into any computer and you are licensed to run Cubase on that machine. So just install Cubase and the elicenser software from scratch on the new computer, plug in the dongle and you are good to go.