Help finding this sound? (Cylinder music box)

Hi - I think I’m looking for a sound of an old-fashioned cylinder music box, the sort that was on grandma’s shelf when I was growing up, looks something like this: , and .

I’d like to load it up as a MIDI instrument. I checked my libraries - Halion Sonic SE, SampleTank, and of course PianoTeq, but couldn’t find anything like this. It has a thin sound, not much real reverb, it is a “plucked” sound by virtue of its mechanics.

Would anyone know where I could find that sound? Or if not, the next best thing? Cheap is good, free or demo is better!

Thanks very much!


PS: A sound like in the first 5-10 seconds of this: , but I don’t have Kontact …

-use the search function

Darndest thing - everything’s I do a search on that site my phone freezes up.

Will have to try on a desktop. Thanks for the suggestion.

Meanwhile, finally found a few leads on YouTube … more to come if they pan out at all.

Success to report … Victorian Music Box demo from .

On youtube:

I needed to download the free Kontakt Player, and it was a bit fiddly to get Kontakt to make it work, which I attribute entirely to my complete ignorance of that platform.

From what I understand, Frozenplain is a one-man shop, he was very helpful to me, answering an email question within a day … I definitely will keep his site bookmarked for when I need to purchase some sound effect VSTi’s. I recommend you all take a look at his site if you are in the same position!