Help! flutes numbers changing suddenly

i’ve changed the numbering for different transposition instruments (to have clarinets changing from B to A) and suddenly the 3 flutes, 3rd with the piccolo, changed.
Now i have the 3rd flute with piccolo witch labels 1st flute! and the original 1st and 2 flute are named 2nd and 3rd. Why???
Ho can i rapidly change this without upsetting the whole document?

You may want to include at least the first few measures of your file as a sample. That will help folks here diagnose the situation more quickly.

Changing the transposition of your clarinets won’t affect the numbering of other instruments in your project. It would certainly be easiest to diagnose whatever might be wrong and provide some specific advice if you can upload your project here.

Thanks Daniel, I also thought so but it did, and its not the first time.
I could upload the project but the problem is that the file is to large also in a cutdown and you would just see flute 1 ( before flute 3) with the piccolo and so on.

You can make the file considerably smaller by doing Save As to save a copy, then go to Play > Playback Templates and apply the Silence playback template. Upload that saved copy.