Help for basic audio setup help request- no sound, no activity on meters

Thinking of switching from Cakewalk by bandlab & trying to sort out the audio setup steps in Cubase 13 trial with no success. I think I’ve tried everything suggested in all the forum and YouTube suggestions. I expect there’s something basic I’m missing, so any help very much appreciated.

I have no sound from audio or MIDI. MIDI activity shows OK.
Meters do not display any activity.

I have attached some screenshots showing the setup. The Duo Capture EX that I’m using is working in Cakewalk and in Live.
I’m thinking it’s just a ‘doh!’ step I’m missing, but I can’t work it out!

Hello and welcome.

Your audio setup looks ok to me. If you import an audio file and try to play it back do you see any activity on the channel meter?

Regarding MIDI - you’d have to desribe your midi setup please.

Hi Johnny,
Thanks for the reply.
No, no activity on the channel meter with audio file.
Regarding MIDI - added VST and am able to record and see notes played from MIDI keyboard.

Added screenshot in case it helps

Yes, a screenshot helps. But not in a good way in your case. There seems to be nothing wrong with your settings. I have never seen the signal not passing into the channel when there is an audio event being played back.

Hopefully somebody else has an idea.

Thanks, Johnny
Yeh, it’s got me stumped! Appreciate your time anyway :grinning:

Maybe pull up the ASIO control panel to check all settings are sensible. And that the project bit settings etc match the ASIO settings?

Thanks for the idea, bloodline1. All seems OK :cry:

Another outside chance… 6ms output latency (less than input of 7ms) is quite small …what happens if you increase output to 30 ms (or even 8ms ie higher than input) ?

Thanks, bloodline.
I finally got it working after resetting the Duo Capture EX ports a couple of times under Audio System and following that reselecting the audio device for inputs and outputs in the Audio Connections tab. I guess it would be nice to know why I needed to do that, but for now I’m happy just to finally have a play!
Much appreciated, all.