help for install cubase first time..

hello everyone
im going to install cubase 7 on my computer but im a little bit confuse here :wink:
on the cubase CD it show a 7.0.5 version , so after i install that which update i should install to jump straight to 7.5?
7.5.10 update? or first i will need to install the 7.5.0 Update and then the 7.5.10?
and can i install the halion sonic SE content straight from the CD or there is any update for that?

thanks so much for the help


C7 and C7.5 are two separate apps. It seems you want to use C7.5, so there is no need to install C7 first. Go ahead and install C7.5, and then the C7.5.10 update.

Of course if you choose to install C7 too, there is no problem. Install it, download the latest update which is C7.0.7 and install that as well. As I said, these are two separate apps and you can have both installed on the same computer, provided that you have the C7.5 license.

As for the Halion Sonic SE, I assume you have the C7 content CD, which will be needed for your C7 installation. I think there is a different Halion content for C7.5 (not sure because I don’t use Halion), so just to be safe I would recommend that you download the latest content disk image and use it for your C7.5 installation.

Good luck, and welcome to the amazing world of Cubase.

Thank you ipanema for very clear response !!
and im happy to Join cubase world , after coming from a different Daw…
Thanks again and have a nice day/night :wink: