Help For online activation Please!

Hallo everybody! I need your help immidiately! so 2 years ago I Bought the AKAI eie pro sound interface expander, and it had present for me :slight_smile: an activation code for Cubase LE 7 when I went to activate it the steinberg site activated for me the Cubase LE 8 and still now if i log in my acount, the Cubase 8 is activated, so i downloaded the cubase 8 but it is telling me that i own the 30 days trial version, and i have no hardwere e licenser, when i am downloading from steinberg the last version of Elicenser and using it, a message stops me telling me that i need the last version of E Licenser… guys something is wrong and i dont know what i have to do! i have to finish my work and i really need cubase! so Help please! Salute!