Help fotr better vox talk sound for FM radio


Using Elements 8+ with Win 10 through Zoom R16

Is there a basic formula to make a normal male talking vocal into a nice full sounding vocal for FM radio?

I’m not too up on the EQ’s or Compression so a few numbers would help to start.


I don’t know much about this topic, but I do know that you want to do it in a really dead room. Some podcasters even surround themselves with mattresses and things of that nature. You’d want to use a cardioid mic with a pop filter so you can get up close and exploit the presence effect. (I’d disable the bass roll-off filter, if there is one).

Yes, you will want to EQ and compress, if only to eliminate rumble and improve clarity (respectively). It’s worth noting that film narrators have a developed special vocal talent. While it’s less demanding than singing (IMHO), you might want to investigate the tricks of that trade. (I found Talk to Win by Dr. Lillian Glass to be a decent introduction to this topic.)

I have been doing a little online voice over work. I haven’t spent too much because it is not my main job and only pocket money to buy more music toys.


I found Izoptope has a couple of plugins that help. I bought the iZotope RX Plug-in Pack - which is one of their products that clean up hiss, the rumble from mics and a couple of other tricks - it comes on special pretty regularly. I also have their free Nutrino that has a subtle vocal mic setting. I record in mono then use the Cubase mono to stereo and have adjusted the settings for what I like. Basically, that’s it. All clients have been happy.

Plus using a half decent microphone of course.

I hope that helps.