Help: Freezing on Ctrl-P

I’m having the oddest thing. This file (below) won’t switch to Print mode without freezing Dorico and forcing a quit. I’ve tried it four times in a row, same result. I literally can’t export it.
The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came_ACNA.dorico (838.9 KB)

Yes, there are some oddities in this file, like some slur/tie faking at the end of the first line, but I don’t see why this should be happening. Anyone else able to get it working correctly?

I had no trouble going to print mode. Here’s the export.
01 - Score - Title.pdf (58.8 KB)

Thanks for confirming that! It’s so odd… nothing I do can get this to accurately show the preview in Print mode (Dorico freezes entirely). Those are all the wrong fonts, or I’d just use your export! But I do want to get to the bottom of this somehow.

I thought I had minion pro installed but now I realize that was on my old computer. I’ll look for it and install it.

How about this:
01 - Score - Title.pdf (43.5 KB)


Much appreciated @lafin … I still hope the team can suggest why the file is freezing for me, since I don’t want to have to return here for exporting! :sunglasses:


Have you sent them the diagnostic files? Without that, I doubt they can really help…

I can’t figure out how to send diagnostic files from a freeze. And today when I tried to switch to Print mode using that file, it worked, because of course it did…

But if you re-open dorico, and create a fresh diagnostic file first thing before you do anything else, I believe it provides whatever the last recorded data was (ie-what happened immediately antecedent to the freeze the last time dorico was open).

Whenever I’ve tried that upon freezes (not crashes), I’ve been told the Diagnostic file doesn’t contain anything useful. But here 'tis.
Dorico (508.0 KB)

Ah. Interesting.