Help from Steinberg (issue fixed) DAC problems

As I’ve never needed a USB key file, as upgrading from elements to artist
I’m unable to activate

put in ticket weeks ago nothing back i put multiple threads on here no official response

I’m still not able to use software due to CPU/ASIO overload

Ryzen 8c @4.1ghz 3rd gen
16g @3200mhz ram DDR 4
win 11

The upgrade was a lot of money to me.
Disappointed to say the least, I’ve never known anything like this
paid for a product over 3 weeks ago i can’t use and no one seems to care

So it’s one month after my purchase of Cubase 12 Artist.
Im not able to use.

Not one person from Steinberg has got back to me,
it’s just rude ignoring us, and it’s not professional whatsoever.

Any other company would issue a statement and acknowledge issues people are having
And let us know what steps they’re making regarding these issues

It’s left me frustrated
Time wasted -(I’ll never get back)
trying to get help

Why do you open another topic? You already created some…

can you merge these topics please?

Are you from Steinberg ? Or moderator ? Or do you just want to be one
as you assume to have some authority over me
if you’re not from Steinberg, you thought it appropriate to give me orders

This is two different topics in my opinion

You have one problem? Don’t you?

No 3 well 4 now
Can you answer my question please
Do you represent Steinberg in a official capacity ?

Your C12 Artist is not working.
I gave you some information.

Done that, if you look at my e licencer version number

I’m not from Steinberg. But it doesn’t matter.
I tried to help. Sorry: I don’t do that to you again.

Do you have Elements 11 and purchased an upgrade to Artist before version 12 was out?

Just wonder if the system is expecting you to verify Elements 11 > Artist 11, before giving you Artist 12? (If that makes sense).

What version e-licenser control centre are you running, and have you done the maintenance tasks when it asks?

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Sorry if i came across rude, frustration has got the better of me
all i want to do is make some music and no one steinberg has helped me its been 1 month
since i payed
i really dont want to be on here i have better things to do

Yes first thing i did was DL the latest version , done all maintenance done every option there is

El 11 to artist 12 a few days after release

i just want to get to the bottom of this, i think only Steinberg can help

There was a small update after C12 was released, you definetly have that (

It’s crazy that you’ve not received any help on this. If you’re in UK I can send you spare USB dongle to allow you to get round this issue if it’s any help?

System is clearly wanting to go down the route of USB licenser as it would’ve for per v12 Elements to Artist upgrades. So you’re correct that it’s something SB need to address, if they haven’t already and you’re just unfortunate. :frowning:

ok will dl now and try again thanks for the info
would help if it let me know there’s are updates available
like most modern software

sorry it takes so long to type/reply back, i have a disability in my left hand, and it’s painful to type

I’m very grateful in you trying to help me but its too painful now to type as said i have a disability in my left had
i will just wait,
if steinberg just got to us /me i would just wait for update

Screenshot 2022-04-04 115500

these are the steps i did


Sorry to hear about your hand, must make this all the more frustrating.

Looks like the upgrade path has taken you to Artist 11 first based on the first screenshot, hence the need for a USB key (for Artist 11 to exist).

To be clear, What it’s trying to do is provide you with the end result of:-

  1. Artist 11 on a USB dongle - so you can open old projects in older versions
  2. Artist 12 on the new licensing - for future use

This is the standard action for current users to provide full versions accessibility.

I really hope you receive help soon, or a mod can shake someone for you. Just have a think if you need the C11 and below licensing, if you do you will need a USB dongle sadly. If you don’t, then maybe SB can just move the v12 license on without leaving you with a USB fallback.

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That you for your long worded reply

the upgrade is from 11 elements to artist 12
11 elements does not require USB so i don’t have one
thanks again, I’m very grateful
i will keep an eye on updates
im in too much pain now to reply
take care @skijumptoes
and thanks again :grinning:

What is your “MySteinberg” account showing at the moment?
Still Elements/Artist 11?

This issue is that the initial upgrade required the USB eLicenser. But I will sent you a new DAC that doesn’t. Apologies for all the frustration this issue caused.


New dac fixed my issues
problem solved
thanks to all the people that help me
i’m very grateful