HELP - Frozen GUI on Mavericks.

Some third-party VST 2.4 32 bit under Mavericks still do not work.
GUI is frozen.

Known issue since Mavericks, but still not fixed.
This is just a CUBASE issue, since all of those VST work perfectly in Live 9 also on Mavericks.

I saw many users experiencing the same problem but I didn’t find any solution yet.


do the plug-ins show a black GUI frame which cannot be moved or closed?

If yes, this is most probably the issue: Blackscreen on some plugins - Cubase - Steinberg Forums


Hello Fabio, not really.

The plug-ins open with no problem, but when you turn the knobs, change presets, or whatever you want to do, the GUI shows you no change at all.
For example, if I move the cutoff knob from a synth, it will affect the sound, but you can’t SEE that movement in the knob. It looks like a problem with the GUI.

It’s happening with U-he, PSP, SoundToys and Antares plug-ins.

Thanks in advance for your time.

I see, thank you. Definitely not the same issue and surely GUI / GPU related.

I’ll have a look as soon as possible, but I can tell you that it’s not a general issue - would you please PM me your Mac specs (a zipped system report would be even better)?

Thank you.

Thank you Fabio, I’ll do it asap.

By the way, those plug-ins were working fine on Cubase 5 (32-bit) running on Snow Leopard (10.6.8).
The problem started when I updated the OS to Mavericks. Then I had the same problem in Cubase 7.5 (32-bit) and now in Cubase 8 (64-bit but using Jbdrigem to run 32 but plug-ins)

It looks like this is just a CUBASE issue, since all of those VST are working perfectly in Live 9 also on Mavericks.

Thanks again.

Frankly, a comparison can’t be done between Cubase 8 and 5 (or other applications coded on different frameworks).

Not only the OS is completely different, Cubase itself is now built much differently. Most of the GUI / GPU related issues are system specific, which is why the plug-ins behave differently from system to system - I’m honestly surprised that PSP plugs are doing this for you, I’ve seen those working fine on a huge amount of Mavericks systems, I can’t remember seeing this before, although I’ve see it with other vendors.

You could try also to avoid bridging, I’ve seen a rush of issues with bridges on both Win and Mac recently.
But it’s worth a deeper look.

A quick follow-up: I just checked here on a Mavericks MiniMac (some PSP and Diva demo) - the knobs react as expected on a small test project. I’ll wait for the system report, thank you!

Hello Fabio,
are there any news about it?


unfortunately not. The system logs are basically empty, only showing a very common warning on the use of a font.

Did the trouble-shooting article I sent you make any difference?

I did check my backlogs here and I found two very similar cases, both users on a Mac with the same GPU you are using… it looks like that is quite likely the culprit. I’ll try to gather some more info about this.

Hello Fabio, thanks for the reply.

The weird thing is that everything was working fine until I updated to Mavericks.

No, the article you sent me didn’t make any difference.

Great, I’m looking forward to have more info about it.

Thanks a lot for your time.

The two users I was referring to are on Mavericks and Yosemite… interesting.