Help function has poor usability

Help function is agnostic to user software version

The help function requires several points of user interaction before appearing. Users who are at the point of searching for help are often trying to solve a problem or acquire information because they are stuck or are experiencing issues. For this reason it is important that help functions are immediate and unobtrusive to mitigate frustration.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Help → Cubase Help will open Safari
  2. Safari opens at User must now pick first version of Cubase and then language before actually being able to use the Help function.
  3. This is repeated each time the user asks for help

Expected result:
Clicking Help should lead to relevant Help section immediately. Either the function in Cubase supplies version of software and language automatically to the web server or the function opens a locally stored PDF.

Cubase Pro 11 / b300, MacOS Big Sur 11.1.

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Please add Feature Request tag on this.