Help getting Help

Hi - been trying for hours now to activate my Cubase LE4 - get as far as downloading the license through the elicenser but get the error “Currently, there is no eLicenser connected to your computer which you can download your license to. Please connect an appropriate USB-eLicenser to your computer”
I’m sure I’m so close to finally getting this up and running but sooooooooo frustrating
Please help

You want the soft e-licenser as LE4 doesn’t come with a Dongle.

Thanks for the reply. I know that I need to use the soft elicencer and I did follow the instructions in the video to the letter however, it still bombs out at the end and says that I need the USB. I’ve downloaded the latest version of the elicencer as the instructions say, I’ve got all of the passwords, codes etc but it still doesn’t work. I’m getting to the point of throwing Cubase into the bin. It’s just all too hard. All I want to do is make music rather than waste days trying to work out this crap. Anyway, thanks for your help.

There are two options for LE4 soft e-licenser or USB, you have a choice. It appears you’re on the wrong path. An e-mail to explaining the situation may help.