HELP - Getting loop samples not in sync with DAW drives me crazy

I want to set up a program, where each key triggers a (percussion) loop. The loops shall play exclusively, so I set the program to mono in the voice manager with last note priority and retrigger. Furthermore the loops shall be syncronized to the DAW tempo. The goal is, that no matter, which key I press, everytime the played beat is in sync with the DAW.

To achieve this this, I set a Mono LFO to 8/4 (the lenght of the loop) and sync mode to Tempo + Beat. This LFO controls the sample start point, thus when a key is pressed, the sample should start at that point, where the DAW currently is in the beat.

Here my settings:

-Phase 0
-SyncMode: Tempo+Beat


Warp Mode Music, Sync Mode Tempo (115 BPM)
Start 0
End 200349.00
Loop Start 0
Loop End 200349.00
Start Range 200349.00

So far so good, but - it doesn’t work. It’s just not in sync. With the same approach in Falcon it works pretty good, but with Halion, it’s just a mess.

I tried this already once before and it was the same mess, but short before giving up, I found a setting which improved it, but unfortunately, I don’t remember what it was. So I ask here what are the potential hidden failure sources at this point? Ich scrolled through all settings in sound and zone tab on program, layer and keyzone level like 10 times, but I just don’t find, what it could be.

At the end I am not sure if the failure is on me, the program or if Halion LFO is just not precise enough to handle such a case.