Help getting Roland FA-08 to play nice with Cubase

The one thing that’s stopping me from buying is I cannot get the transport buttons on my Roland FA-08 to communicate with Cubase 11. It worked great version 7.5, and works with the competitors programs.
Has anyone had this problem? Any suggestions to fix this problem would be great.


Does the transport button send a MIDI message? How did you let Cubase 7.5 know, the transport button has been triggered?

No midi signal shows on CB 11. But CB 7.5 does indicate a midi signal. Is there a way to add a column in the generic or Makie setup for a “Transport” button? Or? I will take a leep of faith and buy it if I know there’s a way for this to work.
Thank you Martin


Sorry, I don’t know, what do you mean by “Transport” button. But in Generic Remote Device, you can map almost any function to incoming MIDI Message. In Mackie Control, you have an option to assign F1-F8 functions.

Transport meaning Stop, Play, Record, Rewind and Forward

Setting up controllers can be a real nightmare, if you dont get things exactly right you get no action. The best place that will really know is Roland. Often there are obscure tweaks ot Mackie Control, Generic remotes etc. Manual diving can help too. It’s frustrating, I feel your pain. Each Keyboard is different.

All modern devices follow the MIDI specification.

The key to building remotes (using the Generic Remote or any other system) is to understand

  • how midi commands are structured.
  • what midi is being sent by the device, what command is necessary for your desired function in the daw.

You need to use a midi monitor.

Without this knowledge you are kind of stuck.

Certainly a Roland device will work with Cubase.

It’s crazy and way harder than it should be. I checked out Roland users group too.
It should work right?
Thanks for your reply

Great info, I was writing a reply at the same time you sent your post.
Thank you