Help Getting Sound from Samples / Recording

Hi All, I’m pretty new to Cubase, and of course I’m asking the first question, ‘how the f*** do I get sound in this thing??’ Specifically in hearing the sound from the samples under GA SE Library.

The setup I’m running is as follows

Cubase 10.5 Pro
Motu 1248
Creative SB/SBX AE
Presonus Scepter S8
Windows 10

I’m not even sure which ASIO driver to use. I would imagine it was either ‘Creative SB/SBX AE’ (but whether it’s Creative SB/SBX AE DSD ASIO or Creative SB/SBX AE series ASIO), or Motu Pro Audio, but for all I know it could be any one of the three other options.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading (y)

All those options should work if you have your outputs setup correctly in the Audio connection.

This old video still should work:

Every Thursday and Friday at 1 pm EST Greg Ono has a Cubase club session on youtube. You may want to attend one of them and ask him.