Help! Ghost Notes Missing for Unpitched Percussion (drumset)

Hi there.
I’m struggling to get Dorico Pro 3 to play ball with me…
The Ghost Notes checkbox is missing from the appropriate properties panel at the bottom (in notes and rests).
I’ve seen it on videos and tutorials but it’s not there on my one.
I’m updated to the latest 3.1 version (running as trial atm) and I’ve attempted an installation repair already.
What could I have done to make the ghost note option disappear?
This happens both in the customized drumkit I was developing, and in all the default unpitched percussion instruments as well in blank new projects!

Welcome to the forum, malyandrum. Sorry for the confusion: there has been a change of terminology since this was implemented. You can now choose Edit > Notehead > Toggle Round Bracket to create a ghost note.

Wouldn’t it make sense to add () and [] to the panels where accent, marcato, breve etc are? They do have the same function, and there seems to be enough room left on the panel.

Brackets do not have the same function as articulations. Everything in the left panel applies to all notes in a voice (with the very occasional exception of ties). Noteheads within a chord can be individually bracketed or bracketed together or bracketed separately. It’s not a simple on/off functionality.