Help - Groove Agent 5 - Instruments not appearing in browser

Looked in the forums and haven’t seen anything. Please direct me if this is a known problem.
Windows 11, Cubase 12, Just installed Groove Agent 5 - Moved Media Libraries to an external drive - Not sure if this caused problem or not.

The Library Manager is the utility that should be used for that. If you didn’t you can also just open (Enter or dbl-click) one of the content files in the content’s folder to re-register the files

I did use the Library Manager. I removed and reinstalled in the original location. Still not working.

what I found out is that the error occurs when you try to load an instrument into an acoustic kit. But this is not possible with acoustic kits. Unfortunately, the “Instrument” tab is not deactivated or invisible in Acoustic Kits. From this moment GA5 seems to be corrupt. The problem is in the file “Defaults.XML”. This file at Windows under:
"C:\User[USERNAME]\AppData\Roming\Steinberg\Groove Agent_64\Defaults.XML "
I think in this file probably the current personal settings are stored. If you replace it with an error free file, e.g. a file directly after the installation, GA5 runs error free again. Unfortunately this file is not deleted during a de-installation and also not overwritten during a reinstallation. This must be deleted manually after a de-installation so that it is rewritten during a new installation. I help myself now in such a way that I have stored myself an error-free copy of this file and exchange it, if GA5 is corrupt again by batch job.

Unfortunately, the error reappears immediately when loading a project into e.g. Ableton that was created with a corrupt version of GA5. In this case, the only thing to do is to remove GA5 from the project, save the Projekt, debug GA5 as written, load the project again and load the error-free version of GA5 in the Projekt.
I hope it helps you further.

Greetings Detlef

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