Help! groove agent se 4 - portamento

hello guys
i just loaded a sample into one of the pads of groove agent se 4,
I shortened it, tuned its pitch, and set a key range to play this sample across the keyboard
(like a pitch based instrument)

now i want to create portamento between one key to another
i have set the poly function to one cause i want groove agent to play only one voice at a time
and now i dont know what to do to create portamento between the pads

Hey man.

I don’t think that groove agent is made to perform portamento/glide.
This is possible with Halion. But you could try to use the pitch envelope
to create something like that. But it will take some time to frickle that out.
In the full version you can also use the pitch wheel and set the pitch value for it
(+-12). But I did not use it yet. I’ll have a look at it when I’m in the studio and
give you feedback then if nobody did until then.


You can also set the pitchbend range for each pad in GSAE and the range is +/- 48 semitones, this is done in the pitch tab in each pad.