I’ve got a lexicon alpha and cubase le 5 and I’m literally Gavin a nervous breakdown because it won’t work. I plug my guitar into he line 1/ instrument channel and when I play cubase picks up nothing , how do I set it up I followed the instructions but its not working
Also the metronome on cubase is on but I can’t hear it at all and I’ve checked all volume levels, an I ally I know this is nothing to do with cubase but on my lexicon the peak LED doesn’t light at all WTF IS GOIN ON ?!!
Plleeaaassseeeee help!!! Thanks very much,

Flanx: What computer are you using, PC - Mac – Laptop :question:

What operating System – Windows XP - 7 - 8 - Mac :question:

Have you Downloaded the correct drivers from the Lexicon Website :question:

Have you peaked at the Lexicon Alpha Manual especially Pages 16-18 :question:

also read this:

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I’m on laptop windows 7
What drivers do I need? I installed everything that came with the lexicon so cubase and the driver software, do I need something else?!
Yeah I’ve read through the manual over an over
Thanks for think ill try go through it
Flan :slight_smile:

Flanx: :wink:

after you’ve downloaded the driver then go to

  1. Devices
  2. Device setup
  3. click vst audio systems - Left panel
  4. asio driver Top right - Click the down arrow
  5. Click the Lexicon alpha driver
  6. Click OK

check this out

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thanks for all your help?!!!
I uninstalled everything and followed what you said and know cubase picks up the guitar WOOP
only problem is the metronome doesnt play, my recording plays back fine through the headphone jack on the lexicon but the metronome doesnt come through howver before i set up cubase for the lexicon it everything worked fine, what can i do? :confused:

Activate the click for the outputs in the VST connections, as explained hundrets of times here…

I’m not frat at navigating forums, sorry if its been explained many times but can you link me to or explain how to activate the click for outputs?
Is there any way I can have my input as lexicon but my output as my laptop speakers?

Make sure “click” is activated for your VST Connections output.

Probably not. Maybe by using ASIO4ALL?

Flanx: Good to see your recording all right now.
IMO - use external speakers instead of your Laptops speakers
like the diagram shows on P.16 of your
Lexicon alpha Manual. :wink:

IMO – Your Lexicon Alpha should be your Dedicated sound card :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley: