Help! HALion Not Working - No MIDI or Audible Feedback when testing

So I’m thinking of buying Dorico Pro 4 fully, but first I just wanted to try the trial version for myself to get used to the interface. The downloads took a little bit but were without problem. I successfully downloaded the Dorico Application Installer, the HALion Sonic SE (3.5.10) Instrument and the full Content Dorico 4 Pro. I thought I did everything right, yet after launch and opening of a new project I heard no playback at all. I looked through tutorials online and the Dorico Playback issues video which didn’t help.

The HALion opens fine and loads instruments fine, and it is connected to my Dorico software and loads the correct instruments. Whenever I go to play the virtual keys with my mouse on the bottom of the HALion window however, I hear nothing, nor do I see any MIDI feedback. My audio is working fine, tried using no headphones and earbuds multiple times. The lack of feedback from the MIDI bar in HALion leads me to believe its not just an audio problem, but maybe an app problem or missing files of some sort.

Can anyone offer any help on this? I’m just frustrated that it’s not working for me. I have redownloaded all of the recommended files from the Dorico Download Assistant, nothing works. No feedback from the MIDI bars nor any sound in HALion. Nothing plays when inputting notes, or anything when in playback.

Thanks in advance.

What have you done about Edit > Device Setup?

Does the Sample rate in the top screen match the sample rate on your computer setup?

I’m having similar problems. Having started working on a project from the Modern Orchestra Template that Dorico 4 has, it shows to load all the necessary instruments, but playback and/or when clicking on any note on the score, produces no sound.
I checked what Derrek recommended and all shows with the same sample rate (48000).
Any other ideas?

Hi @Renritxsu and @algae592009, please load in a project that does not sound, and then choose from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip here. From the log files I shall be able to give further advice. Thanks

Hi Ulf,
Here’s the report.
Dorico (898.8 KB)

Hi @algae592009 , thanks for the data. But to be honest, what I see in the logs is all totally normal and I would expect it to work. How about if you open the HALion editor window and press play, do the slot numbers on the left blink up, when MIDI is received by them? Is there some metering flickering at the middle top of the window?
What if you go to Play mode and choose Play > Playback Template and by that reapply the playback template, still no sound? And what if you create a new project from lets say piano template, does that also not sound? Thanks

Hi Ulf,
Didn’t expect a reply until Monday, so thank you for taking your time.
The re-apply of the playback templates seems to have done the job. Now all strings scored are playing back.
I really appreciate your help. Still trying to learn the ins and outs of the program.
Thank you,

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Weird problem, nothing too stress about though. Went through many restarts and trial and error. Must’ve been something loaded or configured in correctly because I had to re-download and install many times before I could hear sound. Thanks to everyone for the replies.

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