Help, HALion One Missing?!?!

HALion One not showing in the Plug-In Information List. When I click the Update button in the Plug-In Info list Cubase 5.5.3 instantly Crashes. CB 4.5.1 crashes upon opening, in fact it doesn’t even open. I get an immediate crash report. CB 5.5.3 on the other hand will open, BUT I’m unable to use Halion One (it’s on the Blacklist, along with Surround Pan). Interestingly enough, I went back in time (via Time Machine) and copied the Blacklist of CB 4.5.1 from about 5 weeks ago because there was nothing on it, I then swapped it with CB 5.5.3’s Blacklist. I then start’d CB 5.5.3 and it ran it’s usual boot routine until it got to Halion One, it crash’d at that point. Again, as it stands CB 5.5.3 will open and will function, but Without HALion One. I NEED MY HALION ONE :angry: :exclamation: :angry: :exclamation: :angry: :exclamation: … Any Suggestions :question: :question: :question: :cry:

Re-install Halion One from the disk. Don’t replace the blacklist file, it automatically gets re-built on re-start.

check this out:

HALion One is probably blacklisted… The cause you may find in the thread mentioned…

@ Mash: I did that when the problem first occurred, to no avail. (Sorry for not mentioning that in my original post.
@ Erd: Yes, I read your post when the problem first occurred as well. No one had found a solution to your problem at the time of my post, so I figured I’d post my similar/same problem, in hopes that someone from Steinberg would chime in and help us out. I see your post’s regarding font issues. Would it be at all possible for you to send me a private msg with the method in which you found these fonts and how you changed them. So that I can see if indeed i’m suffering from the same exact problem. Thank You.