HELP How can i open old projects from 2006 Cubase LE 11 in CUbase LE Elements 12?

In 2006 i have made a lot projects i want to remix now
Cause i’ve made a lot of good stuff i’ve bought the LE Cubase 12 Elements to start new pojects and remix my old projects
But the files are all saved in SFK files
Hope someone can help me out what to do now?
Thank you so much
Kind regards AviaSunanda

Hi and welcome to the forum,

SFK are not Cubase project files. Cubase is using CPR (Cubase PRoject) for many many years now.

You can find more about SFK here.

hello Martin

Thank you so much for this info
also my friends told me the same
I just found out all my projects are gone
My ex boyfriend trow the hard disc away years ago
I thought he would save all my projects when my pc died that time…but he didn`t
So now i hav eto let go and make new music :wink:

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Keep on keepin’ on! :wink:

Sometimes you need to let go of some things from the past to make room for new discoveries. Best of luck to you with your future projects.