Help: How do i put a muti-out instrument into an expandable folder that reflects on Mixer?

I don’t know why i’m struggle with this one, but what i want is this:-

Drum Parent Track
Bass Drum (VST Instrument output 1)
Snare Drum (VST Instrument output 2)
Hats (VST Instrument output 3)
Toms (VST Instrument output 4)
Cymbals (VST Instrument output 5)
Overheads (VST Instrument output 6)
Room (VST Instrument output 7)

The drum parent track i would like to be expandable/collapsable on track and mixer view, and also have the ‘e’ button so i can add inserts/sends and control it’s final level (Like a group track). As this is how i’ve used Logic Pro X in the past.

The individual drum elements would also have ability to add inserts/sends, of course.

I understand how to set up the elements (Bass drum/Snare etc) in the mixer easy by enabling the multi-outputs of my VSTi (SSD5 in this case), but it’s placing these elements into a containing track that is the problem - they appear as mixer items, but not track items.

If i create a group track so that the Drum Parent can be controlled, you then can’t add subtracks inside of that, and If i create a folder track the problem is when i expand and collapse it, the mixer doesn’t reflect those changes (Which is important as i use a Mackie controller and the whole point of having it collapsable is to clean up the mixer).

Would love to hear how people route drum VST’s, and especially if they have a method for hiding the inidividual drum elements from the mixer (MCU) and recalling them when required.

It looks as though i will need to create a folder track AND group track to achieve what i want?

Like a summing stack in Logic? That’s a feature in Logic that I wish Cubase had.

Yeah exactly like a Summing Track lol, i use them extensively.

But i did have a quick play and it seems as though the visibility controls are the way to go in Cubase for expanding/collapsing in regards to the mixer, and best of all the Mackie 1-8 buttons load presets for visibility controls, and holding shift are fixed visibility assignments for All/Audio/Group/FX etc. - which is really handy to know.

Once i’ve got all that set in a template i’ll be golden i think, as i will set it up something like:-

1- Everything other than Drum Elements, FX and Groups
2- Only drum elements and related FX busses
3- Groups only
4- FX Only

Saves me having to press the shift button then :slight_smile:

In fact, from a mixing/mackie perspective i really like this way of working and i’m sure my project template will evolve over time so those numbers will be second nature and expand to other elements which have multi-tracks (vocals for example). The visibility presets seem a very powerful feature, in fact.

There’s one way to do it, although it might still be troublesome, and it requires rendering-in-place.

Duplicate your MIDI tracks of the drum instrument. Play in all the parts that you need. Then, separate the kick drums, and paste them into one duplicate. Separate the snare, the toms, hihats and crashes, and paste them separately into the duplicate tracks.

Once you have all your drumkit elements separated on separate MIDI channels, render all of them, and you have the control you desire.

Pretty troublesome, I know, but so far that’s the only way I’ve found a workaround with…

Thanks GNP - that’s a cool idea and i much prefer to be working with Audio.

Doing as you’ve suggested would leave me with separate audio tracks similar as though i had recorded a multi-mic Acoustic Kit, right?

It looks like Cubase has a function for automating this too called ‘MIDI Dissolve’ ( ) - i’m having a play later!! Many thanks!

Cool, awesome!