Help! How Do I set up Roland Space Echo RE-201 (ext. FX), UR44 and CUBASE 10?

Hello there

i’m sitting on nice equipment and im not able to set it up right shame
I know that you should create an EXTERNAL EFFECT in Cubase in my case, a Mono Effect because its an original Roland.
I plugged in a Mono-Cable into the Line Output 1 of my UR44, that goes into Instrument Channel on the Space Echo and i have two pairs of Monitor Speakers connected to my UR44, Main Output L/R.
Then, a Mono-Cable as Output from the Space Echo that goes into UR44 Input 2 (Mic/Hi-Z).

First Question: Does anyone know if the correct send-bus in Cubase is UR44 UR Mix 1 L?

When i turn on my space echo it receives a very loud signal from the UR44 and creates a screetchy loud noise, so i assume i did something wrong?

Mix 1L and Mix 1R is the same as main output. So it’s not a good idea to use this as a send. You probably use this for your stereo out in Cubase. It gets the same signal as your monitor speakers.

Use line outputs 3 or 4 (Mix 2 L/Mix 2 R) and any of the line inputs. I wouldn’t use high z input to bring in the fx signal.

the UR44 has only 4 outputs, if they’re all used there is no chance to use the RE