Help-How do you start playback from beginning?

Hi, everyone!

This seems like it should be SUPER obvious, but I can’t find the answer anywhere, so here goes:

What key/shortcut/button can I press (Cubase Artist 12) to start playback at the BEGINNING of the track instead of wherever the line happens to currently be?

I know that I can scroll back to the beginning and click at the top at the very far left or I can reset the time count at the bottom to 0, but there HAS to be a ‘start playback at beginning’ option that I’m just missing…right?

Please help!

Hit “<” (or the comma)

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Maybe look up “Key Commands” in the manual?

Thank you, that’s it! :trophy:

:sweat_smile: I searched in the ‘Default Key Commands’ list, but I was not correctly understanding “Num . or Num , or Num ;” from the list.

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