Help: How to make a true mono speaker setup

Hi experts!
I want to listen to mixes also in true mono…that means NOT mono coming from two speakers, but mono coming only from ONE speaker (L or R). In other words: I want to hear the summed mono coming from only my right speaker.
Is this possible in the controlroom setup?

The file attached here was posted on Cubendo by one poster. He wrote that you could “import into mixconvert of the controlroom mixer” and I suppose it’d give you mono.

Might be worth checking out (and reporting back).
With single speaker (554 Bytes)

Thank you, Lydiot. Alas I’m not able to get the result I was after with that preset.
It’s such a simple request: Monosum of L and R channels coming from only ONE speaker in a LR speaker setup.
Essential for checking true mono compatability…

Got it!
I just made the width in the mixconvert plugin in the CR zero in stereo mode and killed one of the speakers.
Forgive my ignorance…I’m still learning this shit…some say it’s a science, I can see why. :blush:

Glad you found a solution. I never tried that setting I attached so I don’t know what it did… (What did it do?)

Sorry Lydiot, it works! I tried to insert it at the wrong place in the signalpath. :blush:
It does what i asked even better than my preset, because it also takes into account the added 3 db on each side when summing, so it normalises the monosignal to the correct level. Thanks!

I route it to a separate mono output buss, and send that to the Centre channel.