HELP? how to quantize a vocal track that's too loose

I have a new track that’s almost ready to be completed but the singer sang the chorus a little too loose and I’d like to tighten it up a bit to really lock it in. Obviously with vocals, the transients aren’t intended to be regular or even on the beat exactly. So my first reaction is to either cut the track up and slightly move the segments without thegrid turned on. However I’m wondering if there’s an easier way using audio quantize or variaudio.

Another option, which I’ve used, is to use Warp Tools. If it’s not too drastic a timing thing (sounds like yours isn’t), it works OK for me.

VariAudio as you point out could be a good option too, at least from the CD tutorials I’ve seen. Though I haven’t tried that, I have tried Melodyne in the past, but I found that harder than just Warp-tooling to the grid.

Please post back as you get results to give your opinion - good luck!

In the end i chose to use variaudio and manually moved a handfull of note starts and ends and it seems to have come out ok. I also put in another take as a low-volume double to support the track and “blur” the starts and ends a bit.

Thanks for the follow up, lights!

Had you used Variaudio before? … how is the learning curve?


I use variaudio on everything. It’s a godsend. And it’s very easy to use.

I would use variaudio myself and have done for things like this and the annoying tendency for guitarists to come in too early on their first notes he he :wink:
I find it INCREDIBLY intuitive! I was doing some amazing stuff with it and fully understood it in about ten mins… very simple to use!