Help - I am trying to activate WaveLab Elements 7

I purchase this software some time ago, and used it for a while. Then my computer went bad, and I had to re-format the main hard drive.

Now, I am trying to install the same software I used to have on the same computer; I installed the 7.2 patch version - I believe the WL7.2 and eLicensor installed just fine, however, the eLicense app is not accepting the activation code that I had before (“code has been used before” etc.). I tired to go online to “My Steinberg” but I am making no progress there.

Very confused. I would hate to abandon this software for another brand, but it is getting closer to that point.

Anyone have any advise?

Before, my install used the software version of ELicensor, etc., and this was installed about December 2011.


did you install the latest version?

Yes, I did. I still get the message that the activation has been used once, and that I should contact the vendor for a new code. Please advise.

Did you open the eLicenser control center? What license do you see on your dongle?

First I see this:

Then I see this: (with number blacked out)

Then I see this:

It seems that I need a new activation code.

I am not certain why (??)

If the code is not on your dongle, that means you have removed it in the past.
I recommend you to contact the official steinberg support.

I did not use a dongle for the last install - it was a software “eLincense” app.
It seems I just need a new activation code. Who do I contact to obtain this? What is the e-mail address?

I am user pdarg48 - can someone please contact me?

The answer to your question is in the Steinberg Knowledge Base The procedure is called ‘reactivation’.

YES! That did it - thank you!

Allow me to explain: MS Internet Explorer 10 is apparently not compatible with many aspects of the Steinberg website. I was unable to click on some of these buttons successfully until I had switched to FireFox. Steinberg web masters should study this problem; I am sure that I am not the only user who has encountered this difficulty.

Then isn’t the problem up to Microsoft to fix, not Steinberg? I can recommend FireFox, and suggest you consider switching to it permanently.