Help! I cannot find the 'Input Phase' button on the mixer?

What is going on with this mixer in 9.5? In most DAWs there in a button on each channel of the mixer to reverse the phase/polarity of the recorded event/track. It’s easily found on the mixer in Cubase 6.5 for example, channel inputs and mix down channels. Haha, I cannot see it it and I know it has to be here somewhere… Thanks!

(And no, I am not referring to the PROCESS of reversing the polarity of the recorded event, I can find this. What I am looking for is a simple button that should be on every channel, what you would use to correct a track recorded with a mic that was put in the wrong place.)


Open PRE section in the MixConsole. Filter/Gain/Phase is there.

Like the Pre Low Cut and High Cut filters, this is something that you’ll probably set once and rarely touch again.

Another way to edit this is by pressing the E button on a MixConsole channel, which will open the Channel Settings window. I recommend right clicking this window and set it to be always on top, which will allow it to automatically switch to the highlighted channel.

Thank you gentlemen! As to me using this once and forgetting it, not likely. I am live mic’ing instruments and not using direct in keys or midi. Frankly I find it rather bizarre that this feature is not more prominent if ppl are mixing in the box. It’s VERY obvious in Cubase’s older mixers like 6.5. Oh well, at least it is there…

The option to have a Pre rack in the MixConsole is there if you need it. That’s what Martin is referring to.

Can you please explain how to set up a Pre rack in the MixConsole?
Thanks and bless!

Press F3 to open the MixConsole window and click the Racks button: