HELP!! I can't find tempo detection in Elements 6

Is that because there is none. I have a live import that was not played to a click. So now none of the bars match the song. When I watch Youtube for this it sends me to tempo dection. I don’t see it on my system. Is it another tool on mine?

Time Warp would match the grid to free-played material and is full-version only. Tempo detection wouldn’t work as the tempo varies as much as measure to measure in such.

So there is no “tempo detection” in Elements? like i see on Cubase6 you tube?

Like I said, that won’t do what you want. It will analize the whole part and come up with one tempo.

No, it will analyze and come up with the (varying) tempo of the file (if detection works correctly), which generates a tempo track, taken from the varying audio file…

So I have a few issues than. First, most everything I see for vid on Youtube to learn deals with Cubase 6. I have elements 6, so some of what i want to do i cant even find out how to do it with my version. Is the book going to be the only place to go for me, unless I buy 6? In this case I have imported some tracks from my Zoom R16, When i put them into my DAW and look at the bar/beats section, in does not match up to my tracks. So if I imported a 4/4 tempo, how to I get the bars and beat “bar” to show a “1” on beat one and a “2” on beat two, and so on. Im not sure I’m asking this right, but thats what I’m looking for.

Obviously you need to know the tempo of the imported tracks, then set the Cubase project tempo to that of the audio and lign the audio up to the corrct beat 1. If you don’ t know the tempo of the importe audio, you might make a " definition with the timewarp tool, or merge tempo from tapping, if availble in your version - see manual…

Thanks for the help “Thinkingcap”. I’m so new at this, and have questions that at times don’t clearly go over in the manual. I don’t want to get so discouraged that I walk away, I know i will get over the hump. It helps to lean on the “Pro’s” for some of it. I must be importing it wrong right from the get go. Man so much to learn. It’s so dam cold here in Vermont, I might as well start.