HELP...I hear my DI guitar along with my amp sim

I hear my DI guitar along with my amp sim in Cubasis 3. Even if the monitor button is off, I still hear my guitar as I play “live”. When I engage the monitor button, I hear my DI along with my amp sim at the same time. How do I make it so I only hear the amp sim? My recordings are only amp sim even though I hear both at the same time as I’m recording something. Also, no channel signal when the monitor button is not engaged. My interface is a Steinberg UR44C. I am also recording on my iPad.

This is exactly the issue I am having. I’m using the Neural DSP Tone King as a stand alone amp sim. I’m using the UR-RT44 . I hear the DI from the UR and the amp sim. It creates a sort of slap back echo because of the latency.

When I mute the amp sim I still hear the clean guitar.

Is there a way to mute the DI without using Cubase?

Haha, I missed the ’ before the 20. I thought this post was from July 20th 2022 not July 2020.

Regardless, I hope someone can help.

You may need to download dspMixFX app for your device (there’s two version, one for the old ones and one for USB-C) and mute the DI channel on the device.

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Please find the download link and more info about dspMixFx right here…

Web Info | dspMixFx for UR and UR-RT
Download dspMixFx on the App Store