Help - I keep losing settings and key command functions

Hi. New Wavelab user here since august '22. An initial steep learning curve, coming from a user of Logic Pro for 15 years, a really steep learning curve at first, but now enjoying my time with the application. Definitely a big advantage using it for mastering (my day job) over using previous version of logic and Protools.

I’m having an issue with certain saved function states of the app, as well as key commands intermittently don’t work or in rare cases haven’t saved after modification. Currently I am backing up the whole Wavelab 11 preference folder on Mac via google drive, so any changes I make to key commands or certain preferences would automatically backed up to the cloud. This is how I backed up Logic Pro user folders previously and it worked really well in the past. My reason for incase of a computer failure I can get back up and running quickly again with the cloud backups. Could the cloud backups be causing a problem, or is this another issue entirely?

I originally downloaded and used Justin Perkins Preference folder for wavelab 11, thanks Justin, and modified things form there.

Can you help?



I’m not sure what would cause the changed key commands to not be remembered other than if WaveLab crashes instead of successfully closing after you do any customizations.

I’m not sure if the auto-backup could cause an issue but I would try turning it off for now to see if that’s preventing WaveLab from writing to the Preference files. As much as I love automating things, I just do a manual backup of my WaveLab Preferences folder when I change something of note, which is every few weeks. If I don’t change something, I really don’t need a new backup.

Sometimes with key commands that have two keys involved, I have to first press the ESC key to clear the key command cache. It’s hard to explain but sometimes the key command detector accepts input for one key and gets confused so if a key command (especially one involving two keys) is not working, I press the ESC key and that usually clears up the issue.

The key shortcut themselves are stored in this file: “KeyShortcuts.dat”

Hey Justin.

Do you mean you press ESC before using the key command or when you’re making a key command in the shortcuts folder?

No, I just meant that occasionally, to use a key command, I have to first press the ESC key to clear what WaveLab thinks is the first key of a two key command shortcut.

It doesn’t have to do with programming the shortcut, but it does impact the use of shortcuts which could make it feel that a certain shortcut is not working. If that happens again, see if pressing ESC first clears it up.

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Thanks for clearing that up Justin.

Much appreciated.