Help ! ... I lost my disk for the Cuebase LE-4

Help ! … I lost my disk for the Cuebase LE-4
I got activated back in March 2008
Due to all the activity on the family computer, I pick-up a laptop on Black Friday, ready to load Cuebase
But then… :open_mouth: I could’nt find the box…
I reached out to Cuebase for help and was advised… as outlined below

Hello Lynmax,

Cubase LE is an OEM product. We are happy to provide support for product activation and registration only. For further technical assistance, including using the software, and replacements, support is provided by the manufacturer of the hardware you purchased. Please contact that manufacturer if you have any further questions.

Thank you.

Joshua Matlock
Steinberg Support

Has anyone ever been down this road ???

Please Advise…

Thanks !


Seem to happen a fair amount judging from past posts!

The advice would seem to be sound. Best to follow the advice given and keep your fingers crossed.

I will…
I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks… lynmax