Help! I'm stuck in Mix Console after update

I just updated to the latest version 10.0.15 and suddenly every project I pull up appears only in the Mix Console window. I can’t access any other view of the project section. I uninstalled and reinstalled, same issue. An entire night planned for mixing wasted - what can be done???


Does it mean you can see only the MixConsole window? There must be a project window anywhere. Without Project Window, there is no project.

What can you see in the Window menu? What windows?

Do you use a Workspaces? Calling a Workspace would help.

Hi and thanks for your response. The only window visible (or accessible) is the Mix Console. Also, the Mix Console is is the only window listed under the “Windows” drop down menu. This is Windows 10.

I agree, there must be a project window somewhere, but it’s not accessible. Even the quick-buttons that normally allow you to Open and close the other windows are not present. Also, there is no project window showing under the “Windows” drop down. This is the most bizarre software scenario I’ve encountered in a while. Obviously the first reaction is to hunt for the other Windows, but I’ve literally clicked through every single button available, and selected literally every menu drop down option. Nothing.

By the way, the screen I am “stuck” in is the screen you see when you detach the Mix Console from the main project window … and this is not limited to just one project. EVERY PROJECT I pull up comes up with this Mix console expanded screen and there’s no way to get out of it. I’d hoped someone from Steinberg would have noticed this post and commented, but perhaps there’s no coverage on the weekend.

If anyone can point me to a prior installation file for Cubase 10 Pro I’d be very grateful …




Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?