Help in Nashville, TN for MIDI?

Hey y’all-

I’m a Cubase 5 user on a PC but a COMPLETE newb when it comes to MIDI. I watched a bunch of tutorials, which were helpful, but my head is spinning somewhat. What I need to do is use a 4-button USB controller to trigger 3rd party looping software such as Echoloop and Mobius as a plug in (though it doesn’t have to used as a plug in if there’s a better way to do it). I’m trying to loop during live improvisational performances while recording the performance at the same time using other tape-based “Frippertronic”-type VST plug ins.

Anyone in Nashville can help me set this crazy rig up? I’m more than willing to pay for the assistance.
Maybe there’s a Nashville-based rep or something? I’ve got the plug ins installed and showing up fine.
Thanks a lot.