Help in quantizing midi file

Hello and good to find you here,

I’m trying to quantize this midi file
It’s all over the place and it’s not made ON the click track
Any easy way to quantize everything on click track and take it from there

I have Cubase 5

Thank You

I would suggest using Warp Tabs to make a click fit to the file, then adjust as necessary from there.

As a real MIDIot,

Thanx a lot for the answers

Could you help me showing me just about how is this done?

Thanx again

PS. Could you listen to the midi track I’m posting on my 1st post to see the mess? Better off if you could load it into ouyr cubase to see what I mean

I don’t normally do this, but here’s a starting point. Since we can’t post .cpr files, PM me with your email address and I’ll send the .cpr file I started for you.

Here’s the basics:
I turned off Musical Mode (so the MIDI file doesn’t follow tempo changes), then started moving the Warp tabs (go about every two-four measures and set it to the next downbeat). I did the first 10 measures to get you started. After you complete the Warp Tabs through the song, quantize as necessary, add notes if needed, then save. Save it with a new name (so you keep your original tab work in case you have trouble), then change to Musical Mode, then set a constant tempo (if you want, if you don’t, just leave it and enjoy).

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Eeerrrrm, it seems that I can’t send PMs (yet)
Probably YOU can send me one (since you are moderator), otherwise I can put my email address in a post here

Thank you so much for the info and the effort