Help in sorting old Studio4 files to 10 artist - please

I will try to make this short. Have old old PC that has crashed with old studio4 projects that were NOT backed up properly. but I did save the entire files onto USB drives. 2 questions

  1. if I can get all CPR files and all audio wav files on the same USB - Using C10Artist if I open 1 of the CPR projects will the files belonging to that be able to be “Located” properly when I am prompted by 10 with all the “missing” files?

  2. I have spent hours trying to get the old PC back and have proven that the PC will boot open when I disconnect the front USB ports directly from the motherboard (ASUS-documented issue)…BUT the eLCC will not let me open old studio4 (to backup files properly and retrieve) unless it is plugged into THE FRONT USB ports that are directly connected to the motherboard… what’s up with that? any workaround…?

Thanks a bunch Locosan

When you open the cpr files if Cubase can’t find the audio files it will tell you so and ask you to point to them…once you’ve done this and all seems in order I’d then suggest using the (badly named) backup command to create new versions with all the audio files in a dedicated folder.

Thanks Nic - so if I have 10 files named Audio 02 and 1 of them is the right one for XYZ.cpr project - the CPR project will choose the right one? or will I have to try all 10 of them…? Locosan