help... initializing vst 2.0 plugins problem

hello i got a problem …i have put my c drive in the search pad for vst plugins …so when i start cubase 6.5.3 up its initializing my total harddrive and windows plug ins … so it doenst start up… i already have uninstall en reinstall cubase but it stays initializing the c: drive … how can i chanche that so that its only scanning the vstplugin folder again? thank already …i cant work on my projects anymore :cry:

Why not just wait for it to finish the scan and then change it back once Cubase loads? Otherwise, you can probably find the path and remove it from some xml-file in your Cubase preference directory.

Hello thanks for the respons … Iam already waiting for 6 hours … The computer crashes … Where can i find the preference folder? Thanks

any news on this yet???