HELP! Inspector and MIDI editor frozen, and crashing Cubase!

I’ve encountered a glitch. I was recording MIDI in C12, and everything was going fine. Then I tried to edit some MIDI (deleting) and instead, the whole MIDI item got deleted! I undid this, and make sure I selected notes, and the same thing happened.

On top of this, I cannot click on anything on MIDI inspector. It is completely frozen. When I tried to change the musical scale in inspector, C12 crashed.

I’ve tried restarting Cubase, and restarting my PC, and this problem persists!

Upon further testing, the inspector in general is frozen and crashing Cubase!!

EDIT: I just tried updating my graphics driver and the problem persists. This just started happening out of NOWHERE.

i5-12600 k
Windows 11 (latest version)
Cubase installed on SSD.

Cubase 64bit 2022.6.17 (1.3 MB)
Cubase 64bit 2022.6.17 (1.2 MB)

There are the only two crash dumps I was able to get generated.

Solved. I got Windbg, and was able to open the Dump files. They were all blaming the Steinberg/Yamaha USB Audio Driver. I then tried to open the Yamaha USB Control Panel, but nothing happened. Then I uninstalled the driver, re-installed it, and got a BSOD during installation!!

So I unplugged my UR22C, reinstalled the driver, and plugged it back in. Now everything seems to be working smoothly again. I have no clue how this problem came about. I did change the USB-C cable this morning (to a longer cable). Maybe that had something to do with it?