HELP: Inspector sections won't expand or collapse anymore

Good Day,

Without warning, Inspector sections won’t expand or collapse anymore. I used to just click on the section name and it would expand, and collapse the previously open section. But nothing happens anymore. I’ve already tried trashing C7 preferences but to no avail.

This is a real bummer, as an example I can’t add Inserts effects anymore.

I’m using C7 Artist 7.0.3., and it was working great until now.

Any ideas ??

Thanks in advance

Ya, I had a similar problem with being unable to alter various window sizes. I closed Cubase, rebooted the entire OS, reopened Cubase, problem solved.

Hope it’s as easy a fix for you.


Happened to me twice so far and both times I had Updates for the OS(Win7) awaiting for a reboot of the machine. Restarting Cubase alone wouldn’t fix it but rebooting the Computer resolved it on both occurences.

I rebooted the computer, but unfortunately the problem seems permanent.

I tried the following sequence with no luck.

  • Rebooted the computer
  • Started Cubase with ctrl-alt-shift key combination and chose to delete the user preferences.
  • Created a new empty project
  • Added a Halion Sonic SE Instrument track.

When I click any Inspector Section, nothing happens. They used to expand. I mainly use the Inserts section so now I can’t insert effects.

Hopefully the Steinberg people monitor the forums and could suggest something.

My next step is to uninstall/reinstall Cubase and hope for the best.

If I can’t fix it I’ll go back to Cubase 5 Essentials. Bummer !!

have you tried restore points to a time it was working properly ?

System Restore worked !! Thanks a million !!

I picked the earliest automatic Restore Point that was available, April 15, 2013. I never manually create Restore Points.

This is scary because the only programs installed on this PC is Cubase 7.0.3, elicenser, The Grand 3.1, the latest Omnisphere, and Google Chrome.

I have Automatic Update for Window 8 turned off, although I did manually update it a few weeks ago.

Oh well, I’ll surely keep System Restore in mind the next time bizarre things start happening.

Thanks again !!

no prob :wink: it might be worth having a spare drive and cloning you desired full working setup then you are completely fail safe but im glad it worked for you


Coincidentally, I bought a 750GB portable drive last week specifically for that purpose, but I haven’t had time to do the Image backup yet. I’m a very good procrastinator.

I should do it now, but I’m off to the driving range to hit golf balls. :laughing: I’ll do it after when I come back.

Have a good weekend.

aahhhh loose some balls for me :wink:

have a good weekend :smiley: