Help installation Cubase 10 pro (Crash)

I guys, I’m Alessandro and I’m Italian, (sorry for my BAD English) i have a problem.
I’ve installed cubase 10 pro and disinstalled more times because always crash.
I strart the program, and after 2-4 minutes crash! ALWAYS.

I’ve done a wrong installation?

Hi and welcome,

Could you please attach one of the crash dump file?

On Windows the files are located in Documents/Steinberg/crash dumps folder.
On Mac you can find the file in the macOS Console utility, under the User Reports.

Attach the source *.dmp or *.crash file.

Then we can hopefully find out, why did Cubase always crash.

Hi Martin.

I ve solved!!!

The problem was graphic card invidia gtx 1050!!! I ve set up integrated intel graphic card and the problem has disappeared.

But why this pronlem? I had all new drivers.