Help integrating external gear


Looking for some advice on the best way to integrate an external synth which also has an audio input. I want to use the equipment as both a synth triggered through midi, as well as an external FX processor, but it seems in Cubase you can only choose a piece of gear to be either an external FX or external instrument, not both, for when I assign the audio output to the port as an external instrument, if I were then to use the same return bus for the external effect I get the following error in cubase

The selected device port is used exclusively. This connection will be ended. Do you want to continue?

any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

That really says it all.You cou split the signal and use different inputs

I dont follow. The problem isn’t with hooking up the device to my audio interface, its an issue with Cubase seeing the device as both an external synth and an external FX as it functions as both.

And you can’t use the same inputs and outputs for that. You could split the signal on the hardware side and use different inputs and outputs on your audio interface.

It´s not an issue, it´s designed that way, as the popup clearly states. “exclusively” is the magic word here.
I you still don´t follow, there is an explanation of what that means in the manual.