HELP!? Invalid project file "**.cpr" !

My current Project folder is on an SSD. I have a backup Project folder on a non-ssd which is a few days behind. Less than 12 hours ago everything was working just fine, but I woke up today and for unknown reason none of my projects from the SSD will open. They all give the error when trying to open:

“Invalid project file “***.cpr” !”

The .bak files on the ssd open as normal, though they are also a day behind the version I was working upon.

I then thought perhaps it was an SSD related issue as CPR’s from the backup folder on the non-ssd drive open fine!?
So I tried opening the ‘invalid’ cpr from the SSD in 9.5 Pro but same error.

I also noticed that the scroll bar for the mixer is now missing in C10 Pro.

Google shows that a small number of people have had this error in years past and that it was fixed by an update, but I’m already running the latest Cubase 10 Pro so nothing to update.

Can anyone assist or make suggestions please? Any help hugely appreciated.

Hi and welcome,

Could you try to start Cubase in Safe Start Mode?

What happened during the day? Any Windows update or other update?

Thanks for responding Martin, I’ll start C10 in safe mode and get back to you. I’m not sure about an update, I’ll check on that too. Will comment again after I do.

Hi again Martin, there have been no Windows updates since the 15th June so likely not that.
I started Cubase in safe mode and disabled program preferences. The cpr still gave the error.
I then uninstalled 10.0.20 and installed 10.0.5 (full) followed by the .15 update, then .20 (full) again. After each iteration I still got the error.
I then decided to inspect the cpr code, so I opened the invalid cpr and a working cpr in notepad to compare. I found that the invalid one is heavily truncated. I then suspected that an interruption to disk write was a possible culprit. I then discovered by chance that my ssd had been dropping out intermittently. I checked the disk and found the power connector wasn’t inserted securely, causing the disk to drop out of Windows randomly. This might also explain why no autosave .bak’s were being written for the project version I was working upon. After connecting the power cable securely the disk became stable. I now suspect that the disk dropout caused the cpr to be only partially written to the disk - thus rendering it unreadable.
I’m happy to leave the explanation as that unless there are other possible causes? Much thanks.


Thank you for letting us know. I hope it will work to you now.

Oh god me too. Thanks much Martin :wink: