Help! I've screwed up my 12-EDO tonality systen!

Hi all,

pretty embarassing, but I prepared a worksheet for students and accidentally (pun not intended…) messed with some accidentals of the built-in 12-EDO system. Any way to reset that?


I would have thought you could open any other project on your computer, open the “Edit Tonality System” panel and then click the Save as Default button in the bottom left. I don’t think that’ll fix your existing project, though.

Hey Leo,

It looks like that is indeed project-specific, in another project it’s fine. Is there a way to maybe delete some library/XML file or something that Dorico will then automatically recreate?


Not as far as I can tell. The tonality information is stored within the project itself, within a file that can’t exactly be described as “human-readable”.

Your best bet is to dig out a backup from before you messed up the tonality system - copy and paste whatever from the new file into the old. Failing that, recreate the standard 12-EDO tonality system. It should look like this:

I concur with Pianoleo. There’s no reason not to edit 12-EDO, if you just want to add some custom key signatures or whatever.

Looking at Pianoleo’s attachment, it’s a bit odd that the “natural” is 0/24 divisions, not 0/12. :slight_smile:

I wonder if you can actually define quarter tones in 12-EDO if you want!

You can definitely have more than 12 divisions per octave - I tried. It sounded beautiful :stuck_out_tongue:

I know that, but it does say “Divisions per octave: 12” in big letters - so why the 24? (Rhetorical question, of course).

It would be fun to redo somebody’s investigation of 53-EDO tuning for Bach’s “48” one day. The original version was mocked up with MIDI pitch bend and the playback was somewhat fragile, but it sounded nice when it worked.