Help: Kontakt Slider Values and Midi CC

Hell everyone! I’m having trouble converting the volume slider value in the Kontakt interface (-100 to +100) to the value seen in the MIDI CC data (0-127) Kontakt has fractional values too. Because of the completely different systems, I can’t seem to figure how to automate volume accurately. I’m looking forward to responses. Thank you.

I found a partial workaround:

Create a separate stereo output for each instrument in Kontakt and edit the volume curve on the track. This doesn’t change the slider in Kontakt, but applies the volume change after the MIDI is sent. The only problem is that I can’t change the maximum volume slider within Kontakt, so I have to set it to the highest value at which the sound doesn’t become distorted.


What Volume slider exactly, do you mean? In any “track” of Kontakt, there is Volume slider. This is from -∞ to +12. In default settings, if you set MIDI Volume to 127 (maximum), the Kontakt will set 0 on this Volume slider. You can change this in the Kontakt’s Settings.

If you need to know values precisely, use automation, not MIDI CCs.